New PC ?!

Hello Everyone Tomorrow is a big day for me…finally i am getting a new pc. most of you know that i have a “crash” issue in my pc…so finally i am getting rid of it…i worked really really hard for this one…budge is tight but i am hoping i will get these withing that price range…though i am not changing my HDD, PSU and GPU cause i have bought those in last 10 months…

i5 7th gen
16 gb vengeance
120 SSD
casing thermaltake commander GS III

these things i will buy tomorrow…and if everything goes just like i wanted after exact 24 hours later i will be playing tw3 <3 finally …so please guys pray for me :slight_smile:


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Awesome bro. It’s well deserved. Hope you love the upgrade :slight_smile:

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Niiiice bro enjoy your new pc, thats awesome

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