Nexus Mods seem to be struggling with the influx in users

Sad news folks, seems like the servers over at the nexus were not ready for the massive influx on people getting ready to mod Skyrim Special Edition, as even the premium servers are refusing logins and failing downloads. This has been going on sporadically for two or three days now. As soon as I upgraded my account to premium things got bad, kind of left a sour taste in my mouth for premium membership.

Point is, if you’re not able to download or login, it seems to be happening to a decent number of other users, myself included.

Hopefully they can scale properly. That sounds brutal.

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teh_g It is gnarly right now. At least they’ve updated the NMM to say that the servers are offline due to heavy loads, but still Premium users are supposed to have their own “group” servers from my understanding. TBH it sucks and I doubt I’ll renew my Premium membership.

interesting. I had no idea about this. It just didn’t occur to me that SE would cause that many people to try to run mods. I guess I was just thinking on the PC side of things, as I don’t use consoles, and thought that everyone was interested in running mods had already been trying them.

As big as the Nexus is now, hopefully they will get it sorted out. should be used more often as hosting site too, to prevent that massive overrun to one site. And upload servers … MEGA is good :wink: