NieR: Automata – “Glory to Mankind 119450310” Trailer

Yes please!

Katsuo Hope you are happy now …


PeaceLeon I swear to god I’ll marry you and I’ll be at your place tomorrow

Katsuo add me in to the package too i want to play Zero Down hahaha

Arsononion Go play your BF1. You are not welcome to the glorious peasant race <3

Katsuo I beat it :confused: I beat flying mission over 12 times it was so good XD But Zero Down is my fetish since i saw E3 trailer Xd

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Arsononion I put my bet on Nier. It’s sick how good it is. Played the demo at least 700 times by now haha

Katsuo Only 700 times? Shame on you, wake up and play it.

ButtStallion I blame women!

ButtStallion That’s why it was only 700

Katsuo Hahaaahaaaahahaaaaaaaa…nice joke :smiley:

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ButtStallion cries in forever alone

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Finally the release date for PC version!

Katsuo I hate pre-order things like that.

teh_g If you preorder it for the PS4 version, you get a Nier T-Shirt. Better than the useless skins IMO. BUT, I want it all.

ButtStallion So I can’t run it 1080p on PC. PS4 it is then.