No Man's Sky - looky here what I found @_@

they confirmed the game only would be 6 or 7gb idk if its true, if not, i dont understand xD what would be the point of the game? is a survival? i don`t know much about it, but it looks ambitious

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manguit0u From what it seems, the game will be a standard walking simulator/exploration and that’s all. I think the game will be pretty empty. 6GBs ain’t much.

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manguit0u My only hope is that it’s not going to be boring =_=, dunno what to say about what I’ve seen so far :smiley: I’d give it a “cute” rating :stuck_out_tongue:

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BamBam interesting about the new or inovate tecnology about hard drive. that change stuff Katsuo

Can’t wait.

I will find out on august 10th, i guess :wink:

I don’t expect much from it since multiplayer is almost non existent. The reason why it takes just 6-7gigs is good optimization, it’s not a graphic heavy and because of the procedural generated content. Nevertheless I’m going play it because “SPACE” ad “EXPLORE”. :smiley:

Zmajuga it will take about 10GB on the HDD. the 6GB is only meant for on disk instalation bla thingie :wink:

i hope will be good and you all enjoy it xD