Now should be the time if you use FF as your main

On my main rig I use FF as my main browser (except for youtube). Mostly because I like it’s debug tools best. Anyway, it finally stopped auto-completing to gamingtr** when I start typing this site’s url. Now it completes to this site. Yes, I know I could heave cleared all my temp shit, but then I would lose the rest of the temp stuff I use regularly. : ]

Ooooooor you could just make a bookmark for GX and voila, faster than typing the site’s name. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine got to the point that when I type “g” it brings this up. I did make a pinned tab in Chrome for this place though.

Only on my phone do I just keep the tab open. Also, as I check “On This Day” quite often on fb, I’ve been deleting all my shares of angel’s garbage lol

I just made a GX bookmark on my main rig. On my laptop, (work) I cleared and reset the history. But it was for something else fishy, but it served two purposes. :wink:

I just put gtribe as a blocked site lmfao no auto popup any more :smiley:

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