Now that the summer is over


I can start to have a life again. Working on average 7 days a week for 14 hours each the last 9 months was profitable, but exhausting. Heck I only got to go to my lake once this year. :frowning:

I see I’ve missed birthdays, I am sorry about that. Happy belated to Josh, Geran, Milisav, PeaceLeon, Artem, Shifty, and many more.

Worked again yesterday for a short 13 hours so never got any real chance to do the whole Black Friday thing, but did manage to buy myself a new computer chair as the one I currently have has been possessed by one of my children. It seemed easier to get a new one rather than fight for the other.
Anyhow I dipped my toes into the “gaming chair” pool and got myself a Clutch for half price. Now if it would just kindly hurry up and get here that would be great as this kitchen chair I’m now using is not all that comfortable at the desk. :roll_eyes:

Speaking of my kids… they are making me old. 16 and 20 now! What happened to a few years ago when they were still in diapers. :worried:

Was looking at buying a new car as well now that I have time. There is nothing wrong with my current vehicle but I miss my sport(ier) cars that I’ve had in the past. Now that the kids are older and I don’t need the 4 door anymore… my time may have returned.
I’ve narrowed it down to 2 very polar opposites. In no particular order the first of them is the Dodge Challenger 392 (with the shaker hood of course). The second and much different car, is the Audi RS5.
I’ll get out there and test drive the crap out of them both and see which one suits me better.

Well that’s been my life update in a quick nut shell. I hope you all have been keeping well.


Dang! What do you do that many hours a day?


Been working as traffic manager for (contracted to) a natural gas company while they install a new 30" line.


Well, we are glad to have you back atleast… ! and glad your now able to relax.


Miss you buddy!


Welcome back!

Try also the new Honda civic type r. You’ll have fun testing that car. I know I had fun driving it :sunglasses:


@Ub6 Sounds like a long summer. 14 hour days 7 days a week YIKES!

My buddy bought a Challenger a few years ago. It’s a really nice car. I own an older Audi Quattro allroad (2004). Nicest thing about the car is the suspension system. Airbag suspension with like 6 control arms for ball joints and bushings. I would assume a car like the RS5 would have something similar if not better. Should be an insanely smooth drive.

I would be interested in which one you go with.


Relax… yeah that’s it. lol Thanks though. :slight_smile:


You just miss the knowing secret looks we shared. Okay I did too, no point denying it anymore. :smirk:

Missed this place, but have to wonder… where is everybody?


Thanks for the welcome back, and as for the Type R.


That car (in my opinion) has had the exterior designed by a bunch of 14 year old boys. It was done… but then no, lets add a spoiler here. Ok done. No wait, lets add a few more here, and lets put these oversized bumpers on it because it looks cool… and then lets flare the fenders because they make it look faster… and so on. Way to busy of a look for what is still just a Honda, a faster one than a stock civic yes… but still just a civic in big boy pajamas.

Change my mind. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If a bunch of 14 year old boys designed that Type R, they are badass and already finished engineer class at a university. :open_mouth: But if you have to choose, go with the Audi :smiley:
Oh and welcome back! <3


see my other thread about GX being dead for more details


We have a lot of creepers who read and don’t post. You know who you are! Creepers…


@sYnCroSis I have decided to add a link to said post because… well… I just found out there are badges. :smiley:

I had forgotten about that post, is a good read. Too bad that all that responded still do not post on a more regular basis. I guess that is what happens when they all really miss Angel. :wink:




You mean Gstoretribe?


I’ll never moderate this post.


Eewww Angel, Eewww miss him like I miss the flu :stuck_out_tongue: