Nvidia and/or Microsoft just did something super cunty

Just updated my driver and nvidia control panel went missing. You have to get it from the windows store now. What the fuck is wrong with them? On the bright side, at least it’s not an epic store exclusive.

I think it’s on your side. Just updated it and I still have my control panel.

Using ddu and doing a clean install didn’t fix it. Only going to the microsoft store brought it back.

Maybe it’s a Canada thing xD

Nope, mine is fine.

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I just did a clean win10 install after 4 years, and it works as before here in eu.


Well that confirms it’s Microsoft’s fault. My recent install just refused to grab it automatically.

I noticed when installed the fresh Windows that while I was busy installing chipset, sound, network etc drivers it installed a lot of fcuking bloatware from the store starting with nvidia driver with control panel, spotify, skype etc. I was so angry deleted even basic apps like Windows email, paint, contacts, calendar…
Only difference is I managed to uninstall that store version of nvidia and installed the newest from the nvidia site.

That article clearly states the control panel always comes from windows store …the fucking nvidia installer is supposed to do it silently though.