Of Orcs and Men

So this is my next game! It’s an RPG, but I don’t quite know how to explain the combat… I suppose it’s almost realtime combat except you queue up skills. I find it an odd way to control the characters, but still fun. I imagine it was just an easy way to cut time off development. Why bother to design and implement combat controls when you can just play a list of animations the user queues up.

Graphically it looks like early xb360/ps3 so it runs at a solid 1440p60 at max settings.

Anyway, quite fun so far, will post more later!

Sounds like the gameplay from the older Bioware games like Knights of the Old Republic

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So I just beat this game. It has this feeling of “just nice”. Because there’s no microtransactions or any of the other garbage that has stemmed from them. There’s no dlc. It runs butter smooth. You could just tell the devs were only trying to make a game as apposed to a cash vampire. That said 2012 voice actors/mo cap is garbage. The only characters that both looked and sounded good were Styx and Arkail…which you can tell that’s where most of the money was placed.

Either way, just a nice little game. Recommended.