Only November I know but my Christmas shopping has offically started

Well Just bought a RX 480 4GB for my brother.

I’m only rocking a AMD Radeon 7950 3GB card myself so I’m jelly but he deserves it. Going to get him some other little stuff but this is the bulky gift. Lets hope I can restrain myself from taking it from him before he even knows its his.

MyLifeForAiur Thats awesome :smiley: Good job making your bro happy :smiley:


Ain’t nothing wrong with a 7950. Nice to have a brother like you


Trainsmash Yeah my good old 7950 is running along nicely most the time. Forza 3 Horizon seems to be kicking the shit out of it though.

Do you get coil whine?

I started my Christmas shopping as well with the most important part of the holidays :smiley:

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ButtStallion Thast healthy too drink I aint even mad because you are drinking XD

Trainsmash Nope says it’s at 100% usage and even on low settings I struggle to stay over 30. 61 degree Celsius as the temp. No coil whine though that I can hear anyways.