PC Upgrade Path. v2

To be purchased 8/1/2019 or Sooner!

I am not best placed to answer, but if you gaming mostly, then I cannot see a massive jump in performance while gaming. I have not played a game that requires more than 4gb and speed of RAM is only worth 4FPS IMO. That is my two cents worth. If aesthetics are important then we are talking about a completely different set of considerations.

Nice well thought out build though or soon to be built.


The RAM you have is very capable for gaming. Unless you are doing lots of video editing or the like, there is no need for you to go to 32 GB unless you want to just throw money at it.

Edited to add the forgotten stuff.

It is best for RAM to be distributed over all the available slots, which is why they sell so many GB versions of them (4, 8, 16 being the most common today) to get the most out of your system. Having said that, again with gaming and some photo editing you should be fine with your 2 slots. Upgrade later if you wish when it becomes easier for the money to be spent.

As for the 1866 to 2133. you will NOT notice the difference with the rest of the system you have.


The FX has only up to 1866mhz support etc, so even as the RAM is specified for higher clocks, it probably won´t clock that high as the processor cannot handle it properly.


Thanks guys, wanted t be sure before adding it to my list ill stick with what I have for Ram.