PeaceLeon 2018 Gamer Challenge

Just finished Detroit Become Human on PS4, I already played Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls and loved both of the games but with this title QuanticDream just created a new masterpiece. 10/10

If you haven’t played the game yet and if you own a PS4 … do you a favor and get your hands on the game. It’s been a while that I finished a game and even more that I did it within two days :smiley:


I didn’t even know you still played games :laughing:


Yeah from time to time I get weak and play games again :rofl:


Dang, I’m impressed that you finished a game that fast. It sounds like it will be a fun one to play some day.

He was probably afraid of an sjw inspired patch ruining it. So he played it as quick as possible.

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Or he played it as quick as possible because he has some other work to do the day afterrrr

btw is this game console exclusive ?

Yes, only PS4 like all the other games from QuanticDream.