Persona 5

It’s just the sequel to whatever happened in P5. Only this time the combat isn’t turned based but musou aka dynasty warriors combat.

I don’t remember asking, but thank you for answering. I must have been too lazy to click play lol.

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All 746 songs from all Persona games. Enjoy :hugs:

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I have this on ps4 now but im still trying to get into it little by little, its deffently different from what I am using to playing…

Little by little? You’ll never finish it like that lol

You should adopt the one game at a time strategy.

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I agree. Especially with Persona 5. When I read that the game is 100 hours of only main story, I was crying bricks.

If you play it little by little you’ll find yourself still playing it seven months later, trust me.

Jesus sandwich the details in this gameeeee. Pretty crazy this game is made by 70 people.

Not really. AAA teams are oversized for speed, not quality. Given the only thing in persona 5 that’s complicated dev wise is the story, 70 people sounds reasonable.

That’s true but what I meant is that 15 people were drawing by hand the animations in the game. That’s a fuckton of work and money. For example, one episode of One Piece costs around $100k to make and that thing is nowhere near the quality of Persona 5 animations. Not to mention, at the time of development, Persona 5 never had AAA budget to begin with. Which is probably why the development of the game was nearly 10 years. Dunno, to me this is impressive.

I don’t recall that many animated videos in the game. 3d model animation is actually easier.

In the first 3 hours that I played, nearly half of it was in animations haha

Ah, it’s been a while. Maybe they become more sparse as you play the rest of the 197 hours.

197? Ah you’ve played the original Persona. With Royal it’s more like 297 hours xD


I played through royal and my final playtime was around 330 hours.

Did you stop at the end or keep going for achievements?

Pfff no one here goes for achievements/trophies. Except meeeeeeee because I’m an idiot.

I stopped after the credits rolled. I did however do all the optional memento quests, and pretty much any optional thing I could find along the way.

Just finished the game. For me, this game is most likely the best game I’ve played. I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do now…I feel like I want to play more Persona 5 and that’s about it. It took me ~100hrs to get everything in the game, complete every mementos quest, every confidant maxed out and all characters have been leveled to 99. Everything in this game is just super high quality. From the combat, music, visuals to the story. The amount of work and love the devs put into this is just overwhelming. Please buy this so we can get more Persona. Recommended!


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