Planet Zoo

This is a day one insta buy for me!!!


No a day one but I will most likely pick this one up.

It has been a long time I bought a game day one. Last one was Black Ops 4. I think the next one will be Judgment. I kinda want that game more than I want to breathe.

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I use to be able to say the same thing. Then I went and bought Sekiro Day one so it’s only been like a month. lol

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I don’t mind paying full price and buying it on day one if its one I know I will like, or been looking forward to.

Last two I bought at or before release was Dirt Rally 2.0 and The Golf Club 2019. Have not regretted either of those purchases at all.

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Thought process on this one is-

I’ve been wanting a good zoo tycoon style game for several years now. For at least the last two years, on the big sales, I’ve been eyeing Wildlife Park 2, (or whatever its called). I never pull the trigger though, because of bad reviews, things I just don’t like about it, and each time, I’ve said, ‘man, I wish someone like the planet coaster people would make a zoo game…’

and well, here it is. :smile:


Could be fun, might look into it later on… got a few other expenses I need to deal with first… like a new bed next month and most likely my new GPU…Time to drop AMD RX 470 8gb and head over to GTX if I can help it… Payday will tell it all.

First Impressions:

I was not disappointed at all.
The game is absolutely worth it. (for me)

It plays and uses the same exact interface as Planet Coaster. Thats not a bad thing, as there is nothing I find wrong or irritating with planet coaster. Graphics are good, audio is great, (I love their choice of background music) and the game runs fine on my machine, no hiccups or crashes.

They have gone to great lengths to make this game educational, about animals, and still fun. Its like Civilization, where it is a great game but tries to teach you as you play about world history. Just by playing, you learn a lot about the animals you are caring for.

If you love the Planet series of sims, and you loved Zoo games and have been wanting to play one, I would recommend. I’m very pleased with it.


How is the game for having multiple species in the same exhibit? That was my favourite thing in Zoo tycoon. Creating an African Safari of sorts with all the animals of the Savannah save the predators since they just killed everything else eventually (not good for business).

I have not tried putting different species together in the same habitat yet, but it IS heavily encouraged.

You get bonuses for multiple species in the same exhibit, and the info tabs for each animal tells you which species that it can habitat with, and which ones it can’t.

Don’t put bengal tigers with gazelles, but you can put zebras and giraffes together, just like the real zoo! :grinning:

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The bonuses for mixing is interesting. I was super excited for this game. It just released at a bad time for me since Outer Worlds and Death Stranding also released recently.