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Interesting. I’m having nothing but a bad time with Starfield and I’m someone who reads and watches and explores literally everything in games. Plus I’m a huge sci-fi fan so I expected Starfield to be exactly what I’ve been looking for in a sci-fi RPG.

The game to me feels just empty, uninspired and unfinished most of the times. Hell, I didn’t even like Skyrim that much but I managed to clock over 200 hours in that one because it felt like Bethesda cared enough to put content next to the main story in Skyrim.

I’m glad you enjoyed Starfield though. All I know, Starfield is probably going to be my last Bethesda game I played as I don’t see Bethesda giving a damn about their games at all.

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very interesting indeed.
my context would be that I am not a huge sci-fi fan- I mean I do like it, but I would not classify myself as a huge fan, I usually prefer fantasy or whatever you would call urban realism (like the Secret World game if you remember that one) I’ve never been that much into space travel or spaceships.

Also, I played as a complete bad guy. Did the Crimson Fleet quest, my character this time had no morals, just generally reeked havoc everywhere for fun then laughed about it.
I wonder if those two points influenced my perceptions.

And I probably will not play the game again without mods. I can see the emptiness if you explore everything. I did not, I just mainly went where I needed to for a quest and didn’t worry about the rest of the planet. I want the mods to fill out the game, fill in all the blanks, and make it where I can — well… make it like the entangled quest was, if you remember that one.

Can totally see your point!

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Quick update for Q1.

Bought and finished Tekken 8 within a month. Finished it so quick I forgot to post anything here.

I love the Tekken series and this one did not disappoint. It is the best of all the fighting games.

The arcade quest storyline is cute, but it really helps you get the feeling of how to play. Its basically a tutorial cleverly masked as a story. It makes learning a character fun, and it propels you right into the online battle part seamlessly.

The main storyline is amazing. The graphics and story are really good. Only complaint I would have is that the final boss fight against Kazuya drags on and on and on… and then on some more. They could have cut that fight by more than in in half and it still would have been good.

overall, completely satisfied, will probably complete the character stories now and fight online off and on as I feel like it.


You’re amazing.