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I’m terrible at completing games, for the following reasons-

I play casually. I play what is fun, what I’m in the mood for at the moment. I do not play to complete the game.

So I thought I might try a new thread. I will still list games I complete, but I want to concentrate more on what I’m actively playing, and why, and hopefully try to keep that this to date.

Active Games and thoughts/updates

Evil Dead:The Game
Huge Evil Dead series fan so no brainer to get this game

Cyberpunk 2077-
Finally doing a playthrough of this game. Loving it so far.

Magic The Gathering: Arena -
I play this several times a week. I absolutely love Magic The Gathering card game, but due to life circumstances, I can no longer play the physical version. This version is exactly what I want. The game plays perfectly, I can jump in at any time and make decks or play games. Games last from 10-30 minutes. I usually just play casual single games, or occasionally play my other favorite format, booster draft. Basically I play when bored and/or don’t have time to get into other games. I have spent ZERO dollars on this game. Its way too easy to get cards and packs just by playing. I don’t have any goal when playing this other than the fun of building decks and/or beating the snot out of who I’m currently playing.

*playing this one all the time.

Fortnite -
sorta on the back burner, due to this season’s battle pass having absolutely nothing I want, and PUBG’s battle pass being great.

Table Top Simulator
board games with friends

Not really active but may play at any time games

PUBG Battle Grounds -
I’ve always enjoyed this one, and since going free to play, its gotten a little more customer friendly. Not much, but enough to make me pick it up a couple nights a week instead of Fortnite.

Elder Scrolls Online - having played through the original release story, this one has been shelved for now. Its a great game, but I’ve got a bit tired of it, and wanted to play other things.
Wasteland 2 - need to finish this one just to see the story. played it a lot, but it just fell victim to no time.
PGA Tour 2K21 - Best golf game out there, but crappy developers and customer service. I still play in one society that occasionally does tournaments, but thats about it.
Die Young - see above.
Divinity Original Sin - See above again. Actually refuse to buy Divinity II until I finish this one and Cyberpunk
Planet Zoo - LOVE this game but no time left to play after the active ones

SCUM - waiting on this game to get patched to a point I like
Forza 5 - I love racing games and play occasionally when in the mood

Games on radar, after released or when on sale
Urban Explorer
Two Point Campus

Completed games, as I complete or remember them
A Way Out - Q2’ 22
Back 4 Blood - Q2 '22
Acting Lessons - Q1 '22
It takes Two - Q1 '22
Operation Tango - '21
*Pre 2021, or can’t remember completion date
Bioshock Infinite
Elder Scrolls 1,2,3,4,5
Witcher 1,2,3
GTAV story
Red Dead 2 story
Fallout 3, 4, NV
Far Cry 1, 3, 5
Call of Jaurez
Wolf Amoung Us
Gone Home
Hard West
Life is Strange
Strange Brigade
The Park
Saints Row 3
Tomb Raider
Wolfenstien New Order

MMO’s I’ve played enough to consider 'complete’
(Basically games that can go on and on, but I’ve got at least one character to max level, and played for a year or more, and I have stopped playing now, so I consider it complete)
EQ 1,2
Dark age of Camelot
World of Warcraft
City of Heroes
Conan Exiles
Elder Scrolls Online


Good luck trying to beat Everquest. I loved the games back when WoW wasn’t a thing. Graphically, the games look more than outdated sadly. They also never fixed the UI which is really, really bad. I feel like Everquest could’ve been waaaaaaaay better than WoW if the UI wasn’t absolute salad.

Here’s an MMO to consider playing if the wuxia theme is your thing. Its story is based on the popular Chinese TV show Gujian and the gameplay from the Gujian games were basically copied into this. It doesn’t have any pay2win garbage. The game is insanely popular in China.

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Oh in my mind I “completed” Everquest. I edited the description of that category to denote what I consider completing an MMO style game is. :slight_smile: I plan for this topic to be updated as I change out what I complete or am actively playing. Its my attempt ya’lls completed game topics, just with active ones added in. :wink:

oh and thanks for that heads up on swords of legends, I’ll check that out!

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I do it usually this way: my way. I always like to see what I finished in a year and compare it how many games I finished last year. It’s kinda fun haha

It’s kinda sad that the MMOs aren’t getting more popular. I can only blame the devs for implementing these pay to win microtransactions in their games (im looking at you Archeage).

I hope this will change with Sword of Legends Online. They actually started doing livestreams on Steam to show what the game has and to show that the only thing you can actually spend your money on are cosmetics with no stat change.

The only problem is that they are all Germans on livestream and they have that weird English haha

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Summer '21 update-

Moved Forza 4 to inactive but play occasionally section

Added Table top Simulator to active games. This is a Great game/gaming tool. Love it!

Added Hot Wheels and Forza 5 to games I’m looking forward to next quarter


Played and finished Operation Tango this evening, with Scavenger.

Its not a long game, as we played the whole thing in one Sunday evening. took us around 4-5 hours.

We both loved it. Both of us agreed that it was worth every penny.

This is a co-op game where you don’t see each other’s screens, and you have to communicate and talk each other through their part of the game. It is made for two people to play.

One person plays the spy/secret agent, and the other person plays the hacker, which is overwatch, or whatever you want to call the person monitoring them out in the van, or back at headquarters. The spy is first person view, and the hacker has views of computer screen type stuff, like maps, surveillance cams, etc. The hacker has to constantly tell the spy where to go, what to do, stuff like that, while the spy has to constantly tell the hacker what they are seeing. It really gave us the feeling of these tv shows and movies you watch where people are doing that. great fun, for two friends to play.


That sounds like a interesting concept. I might have to check that game out.

Finished It Takes Two

delightful little co-op game. It was voted game of the year by someone, so Scav and I tried it. The votes didn’t lie, this game is very well done.

The gameplay is challenging enough to be be a challenge, but not too hard that you can’t do it or get frustrated. Everything works like you would think, and its really intuitive. Also, the gameplay changes slightly, every chapter. Every chapter you get different abilities so to speak, that slight change the way you play, enough to keep things interesting.
The graphics, sound, and acting are amazing. Its like watching a Disney pixar movie, and every bit as well done as the best of them.
The story is ok. The acting makes this part of the game, the story is pretty much predicable. Not bad mind you, just predictable. Part of the beauty is the details this company went to. The story will be rolling along, you are like, yeah, yeah, kind of expect this, but then you see little details literally EVERYWHERE that support the story, or are easter eggs, and those are what wows you.

Overall, the fun of playing this game with the presentation of it, makes me rate it 9 of 10. If you like co op games, this is one to try.


Finished Back 4 Blood story last night.

This game has to be my most pleasant surprise purchase of 2021. I bought it when it came out simply to play co-op with Scav and Karma. Scav was the one wanting us to play it, so Karma and I obliged. It has ended up that Karma and I like it so much we’ve played it more than Scav.

I like the gameplay in it, and the variety of characters. The only downside is that this game is too difficult for a group of 50+ year old men. We started it, really liked it, then the devs started patching it, basically making it more difficult because people were beating it so easily. But we were just BARELY beating it on the lowest difficulty. Enjoy your youth, young’uns, those reflexes don’t last.

Anyway, I like the subject matter and fun of this game. If it were less difficult, and they let people start building levels for it, like Left 4 Dead did, it will be awesome. Still, I feel it was well worth the money I spent on it, and we plan to keep trying to play the expansions.


Just finished A Way Out

Two player Co-op game, Scavenger and I played.

Great game for 5 hours, absolutely ruined (for me) by the ending.
It sucks because for 98% of the game I loved it.
If I had known the gameplay of the ending of the game, I would not have wasted my time and money on it.
I can’t say much more without spoiling it.


I agree. The ending was surprising but in a bad way haha

There were probably 70 different ways to end the story that are way better than what we have now.
Similar happened to me when I was playing Dying Light. Fantastic gameplay and 99% of the game was superb…then the ending came and that alone made me not to buy the sequel.

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