PowerColor R9 270

As I mentioned in another post I had to send this card back to PowerColor on a RMA recently. According to PowerColor’s RMA Records, the R9 270 test was completed and came back as.

Non-Display: Product causes system to not POST.

Gorkie Just a little problem :stuck_out_tongue: So will they send a new one?

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ButtStallion Not sure yet, only email I got from them was to let me know they got it… I had to check the PowerColor Website to find out if there was any other information. It says they completed there test and that it was Non-Display/post issues.

Gorkie means that GPU does not have video output in POST part of BIOS; or power on self test fails when checks GPU … so GPU is defective …warranty will be reduced to checking if there is visible damage caused by human error (physical damage to the GPU (electrical or thermal)) … So if the card is in warranty, not physically damaged, warranty likely to be confirmed … nothing to worry about …

Mark2K77 No damage when it left me, and its under warranty for another year just got it last Dec.