Eh, yeah…“free”

Katsuo Get it and youll return your money by getting free games each month with promos XD

Arsononion The problem is…I don’t really like the games they are giving away. Plus, you don’t keep these games if you don’t renew your subscription after it’s expired. I don’t know, it sounds like waste of money.

Katsuo wait…so are you not playing Bloodborne online?

ShiftySatchmo Do you really think I have $60 extra for that? sigh

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Katsuo It’s only for Europe atm as well.

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You could probably just get this for $5 on sale on PC.

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Only0neKnight It’s a shooter. I’m sooooooo not going to play shooters on a console haha

ShiftySatchmo It will probably be free for those who buy the the new SW game.

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