PS5 Shenanigans

Wow, I always rage when they make dollar=euro, which is totally not cool who lives in the EU but not using euro. I can buy a dollar for 302 HUF and a euro for 358 HUF, that is totally not equal. Looking at that game list and prices I think I have my new rage topic…or i would have if i cared about consoles :stuck_out_tongue: Still not cool guys.


Yeah you guys get gouged it’s rough!

From 60 to 80 euros in one generation, that is nuts. All my PS fan friends are raging and now MS game pass looks amazing :smiley:

I mean in Sony’s defense, their games are twice as good so it’s still a discount.

dunno if red flag or not…

nope, green flag

Miles Morales just looks like an fps bump.

I couldn’t resist. Took three orders though!


Sony can suck a big one. I wont buy the ps5 and especially not the games. 80 euros for their 10 hours games? Hell no.


Putting this here just because

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And this one too


the comment section is going nuts lol


Maybe physical will last longer.

It’s because you guys get free healthcare

I’m thinking I’ll just buy grey or used physical. It’s not like they have a return policy to miss out on.

Nothing wrong with used physical

Even used physical is overpriced.

I generally don’t buy things during their launch window. It’ll be easy to find a reasonable price whether that be grey or used. Especially if it’s missing original case.