PSU Shipping and Added a AIO today

PSU is shipping out tomorrow to the joys of the RMA process. . . I got a new Cooler Master Masterliquid Lite 120 as a gift from a friend today and that allowed me to move up from 4.2Ghz to 4.5ghz with room to spare still :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite side of things :wink:

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I need to buy that thing. My PC sounds like a jet when I play anything. Starting to hate the air cooling thing.

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katsuo A quality air cooler is more quiet then water cooling. And cheaper. I am old and conservative, I will never put water near my pc. :smiley:
But use it well FPSmadMEDIC oc the shit out of it :smiley:


buttstallion If anyone he can, my case/fans would need better updating to do it with mine. lol

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buttstallion I beg to differ, this AIO is quieter than my Air Cooler was. Reason being my case fans bringing air in and out can run at much lower speeds. In fact I am using PWM Fan Throttling Cables that force my fans to peak at 33% power now. With the Hyper EVO I had before I had to have all my fans reach peak speeds in order to keep the air as fresh as possible in the case because the GPU and CPU were swamping the inside with lots of heat.
Forgive the temp power supply cabling lol I didnt bother tying anything down since in a week I will have my good PSU back from RMA. But see how the front top 140mm fan is there to take the CPU heat right out of the case so the AIO is getting fresh air on intake and there is a fan behind it to carry its waste heat out. Then the other top 140mm and rear 120mm carry the rest of the warm air out of the case but now that I have the AIO my GPU never gets hotter than 60c with a 1500core and 7800mem OC on it :wink:

gorkie Lol brother I love your confidence in my overclocking! Its a task I find most enjoyable so in doing it I have loads of fun and reach good clocks :smiley: Just takes time and lots of tuning as you go. Find a good clock and then a little at a time work up from there until you find the ceiling and then back it down just a hair :smiley: I prolly push things a bit much but why not.

Lol remember what I did to that ASUS ROG G750JM with the i7 4700HQ and Maxwell GTX 860m 2GB xD that was a fun machine to OC and everyone was blowing their lids about it β€œyou shouldnt and or cant overclock laptops its a bad idea” xD Had the cpu at 3.4Ghz and the GPU core running at 1400mhz! Cool as needed to be too