Hey anybody still playing the game?
If possible can someone gift me some UC?


I’ve moved over to Fortnite. For the reasons stated in my last post.

I really honestly like PUBG’s gameplay better, and I hate the building part of Fortnite, I simply just don’t do it, other than build a ramp here and there to get where I want to go.

But the key is the battlepass, that just makes it really fun, gives you goals and things, and you don’t have to pay for it. Playing the game gives you plenty of Vbucks to get it, and a skin or two that you might see on the item shop, and I still have plenty left, atm.

I tried the other day to go back and play PUBG just to see the new snow map, and saw that nothing about the way they are over monetizing things has changes, so I said forget this, and went back to red vs. blue mode in fortnite, which is highly fun. :smiley:


Try Ring of Elysium. I’m not BR fan, but I tried both and RoE is way better. Again, in my opinion.


Oh I agree @Zmajuga I love Ring of Elysium, I thought I had posted somewhere on here that I play it.

The Culling is also really fun.


You guys should definitely try out Apex Legends. It’s freaking amazing.


I tried is very nice I like it more than PUBG kek


PUBG is literally the worst BR game out there. Ofc you like it more than PUBG xD


The roots come from Arms series that’s how BR genre started but I’ll rather play arma mods then the real PUBG xd


just saw this. I’ve already been playing Apex @Katsuo and I agree with you. Its very cool