Q Initiative

Less than 24hrs and 3 invites left:

Turns out once those three were used, they gave me 15 more with 28 days to use them. New twist for me now though. I now get more Q for the people signed up by the people I signed up. Those of you who did sign up, would you mind inviting as many people as you can. Don’t be too spammy, just put your link (or my link if you don’t wana play lol) in front of people eyes who are likely to be interested. : ]

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I got two people to sign up

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Did you validate them?


I have one… :smiley:

15 people. Of the 15, they have 3 people. So it must just be you two lol

My latest batch of invites are good for another 11ish hours.

I wonder what ever happened to this thing. Last tweet was in September

I suspect it’s never going to work out. I can still log in though and it looks no diff than it did two years ago.