Random Steam Trade Card Drops

It started some weeks ago. I got notification I have new items in my inventory. I get Steam trading cards from random games I played years ago almost every day. Anyone else getting random loot from Steam? :smiley: Not so bad, I sell them instantly…It is just wierd.

I’ve been seeing that too. My theory is that it is either games that have cards already, or they changed the card drop algorithm and are giving retroactive cards from time played.

I only occasionally get them from old games. Normally I just get them from the game I’m currently playing.

Since I wrote this article, I got another 3 cards from 2 different games.

Do said games have the same publisher and/or genre?

Napoleon Total War, Superhot, Warhammer Total War, Endless Space, Tropico 5…3 of them is SEGA, other 2 is different. Maybe @teh_g is right and they messed with the way how Steam give the cards and it is retroactive.

I have not received anyyyyy

I have superhot… but I barely played it. So probably didn’t earn any.

I got some as well it seems. For Castle Crashers, ETS2 and Dead Island. All games I have played but not in some time. teh headmaster is probably on the right track with his theory.

I have not got any for any games I’ve played.

However about a week ago, I got some mystery card, just at random, from crafting a badge.

I just assumed it was a prelude for whatever dumb game they are gonna have for this years summer sale.

The only random card drops I receive are booster packs of the cheap games (almost always) and apart from that there are these “Mystery Cards” for each badge you make which is probably the badge for this summer sale.

I got nothing…

I got mixed boosters and single cards. :thinking:

Yeah, for clarification mine were individual card drops, not the typical random booster of an old game. Shrug. Free chores for pennies.

Not a single drop.

The drops stopped, got 8 cards total in a few days. Earned around half a euro :smiley:

I woke up today, logging in Steam and suddenly a random Team Fortress 2 card is in my inventory. :smiley:

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Hitman (new one) and Serious Sam 3 are my latest random ones. As well as a more typical booster pack (Odallus).

What Steam level are you guys? Maybe they are dropping cards like crazy for people that are like level 50 or something?

I just got a booster pack for X-Blades but I’m not sure if it’s related to this thread or because I bought Far Cry 5 last night…