p3ssimist_gΛming I am wicked jealous of the chair.

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That chair almost looks more comfortable than boobs. 8/10 almost made me jealous.

I want one but the one I want is 600.00

MiaxPls mm boobs i would give a chair away to have one day with boobs


rawr indeed xD this is what I’m using and my body hates it xD 0_1466816461379_chair.jpg


Adnan_Popara best chair ever <3 hahahaha soo much memories

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manguit0u can you imagine sitting in one of these on 35 C while sweating like a pig? I tried to get up and the chair was stuck to my back hahah

Adnan_Popara alt text
I was using this for around a year. My back still doesn’t like me all that much xD


Adnan_Popara everyday in my country xD we have no winter here almost 365 summer.


well I screamed when I saw this pic xD

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MiaxPls I must be lucky then I have both boobs and a soft chair

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FireWitch Now I’m jealous.

FireWitch Prove it. :stuck_out_tongue: just kidding… sort of… well maybe… uh… Jon told me to say that… yeah yeah that’s it.

Ub6 lol well that does not sound like my hubby he sure got a laugh and I got dont you dare lol. He does not share his toys well.