Razor's New Face Mask

wow. When I first saw that Razor is getting ready to introduce face masks with RGB lighting I thought, yeah ok, this is dumb. But in reading about it, this thing also is N95, its CLEAR so people can see your face, it has a built in voice amplifier so you aren’t muffled, and it disinfects itself when its inside its charger. It also has led lights on the inside, so it can illuminate your face in the clear part so people can see your expressions easier. ok, I think this is pretty cool.


But I’m ugly. Being able to hide my face is the only good thing to come from 2020!


ok, just thought of the next step from this.

instead of a clear mask, make that clear part a little screen, where you could upload your own image to.

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I am pleased they managed to squeeze RGB in there.

Can’t wait to walk 10 fps faster with this because of RGB!


I grew a mustache because of the quarantine, I don’t want people to see it. Some girls grew mustache because of the quarantine too, and I don’t want to see that either.


If that’s feet per second :exploding_head: