RE7 for $16.09

On CD Keys, if you don’t mind being sketchy. It’s worldwide. I am tempted, but I tend to not buy on these sites so I’ll just wait for the ol’ steam Halloween sale probably.

I tried buying a game from there a year or so ago. After it was not delivered, I tried contacting them, repeatedly. Eventually had to get Paypal involved, and they just refunded my money as they could not contact them either.

But hey… maybe times have changed.

ub6 sigh… we’ve been over this, Craig. You have to click focus and line up with the doorway to get your CD key…


syncrosis +1

BUY IT :accept:

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katsuo (for me)

shiftysatchmo I’m like this when I see a horror game. :’(


syncrosis Well dang it anyhow!!