Red Dead Redemption

Is there any news or any possibilities that RDR 1 might come to pc ?! tbh i was hopping before RDR 2 trailer that they gonna remaster RDR 1 and will release in pc …but nope they are now excited about RDR2 -_-

WHat about us? after 5 years of release is there any hope they gonna release RDR 1 in pc ?!

DANTE I really dont know im still depressed because single player in bf1 isnt what i wanted XD

Arsononion really? i heard bf1 single player is good rather then previous bf tittles ?

RDR will be available through PS Now subscription. You have 7 days trial there. Use it to play the game and ditch the PS Now thing.

ShiftySatchmo yeap right…so it doesn’t matter :frowning: …i was talking about actual pc release T_T

DANTE nope I just woke up and was thinking crazy

ShiftySatchmo WT ?!?!?!? you removed that comment ?! :3 now Katsuo will think i am crazy :3

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DANTE there won’t be an actual PC release is what people say, but Katsuo is right you could just use ps now on pc and play it that way.

ShiftySatchmo i have zero idea about PS let me google


DANTE it sounds like you just install the ps now app. No ps4 required!

The article says you NEED a DS4 controller, but you don’t so ignore that.

The only downside of that PSNow thing is that you need a fast internet speed. That’s why I can’t use that PS Now thing because my internet speed is slower…than the slowest slow.


ShiftySatchmo yap my bad…got proper info from a friend…but still its not possible…cause to stream i will be needing 20 mbps…20 mbps still a dream in our country…

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Katsuo same here man

DANTE hmmm do you know anyone with a ps3 or xb360/xb1?

ShiftySatchmo He knows you

Katsuo haha ok fly out here and you can play red dead on my xb1. I’m sure that’s cheaper than buying a used ps3 :confused:

ShiftySatchmo Yeah. $200 cheaper XD

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