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Alright, After all the screw ups Fedex sent someone to hand deliver my card personally.

That sucks :confused:

Im sorry to hear that man, i know the feeling, hang in there

Hope they find it and it gets to you quickly!

All to familiar with this kind of stuff, but its usually at work.

Back in the summer, we had a DVR that never made it to our shop. Come to find out, the shipper had put the wrong address on it. UPS had delivered to that address and they had accepted it. We looked up the address and it was a Chinese laundromat. I drove up there, and sure enough, the man there had our DVR, no idea what it was or why UPS delivered it to him.

And just a month ago, while I was off for Thanksgiving, my owner calls me wanting to know how to review the surveillance cameras. He was expecting two wireless microphones, and Fed Ex delivered them, but they weren’t there, so he figured someone stole them. Never found them. Fast forward to this past week, I am doing an install at a funeral home. We are putting the projector in, and I open the box that said owner had labeled with a sharpie as the projector lens. There was no lens inside. Instead, there was the two wireless microphones he had said were stolen. So I call him from the job site no less, and say, I found your wireless microphones, but now I need you to look around and find a projector lens. Everything was finally found, but it was pretty funny, apparently that day he had just wrote what he thought was on each box, based on the shape of the box or something, I dunno. Usual workday for me, hope it made ya laugh, and seriously, hope your card gets to you soon.