For dem people who are playing the game…the game is not over after the credits roll. I mean, it is, the story is pretty much finished BUT you can find out more about the house and what why where when who.

ALSO, I’ve beaten the game before Andrew and I started the game like a month after him. Not only that, I have less hours spent in Returnal than him. He’s getting old, I’m telling you!

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I’m just taking my timmmme man. Enjoying the ride. Also, playing way too late. Also, I do stuff besides play games :kissing_heart:

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Sure. Keep enjoying that ride while collecting the 3 keys…oh wait, you can’t :slight_smile:

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:crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face:

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I finally got the platinum (29th platinum) and finished the 3rd “secret” ending with it. This is one of the worst and most annoying platinum/achievement hunts I’ve ever seen in a game. Literally every second scout log is hidden behind RNG and if you miss one in a biome, you’ll have to either die multiple times or restart the cycle (which is more or less the same as dying) to get the room to spawn with the log inside it. I’ve reached the end of the game in about 15ish hours. To get the platinum took me 50 hours. I’ve spent literally 35 hours dying/restarting to get the rooms to spawn in multiple biomes…and that’s after the patch. It was even worse before.

If you want to see the secret ending, just look it up on youtube and don’t bother playing the game after the credits roll. The requirements to get the 3rd ending are also hidden behind RNG and you’ll be unnecessary frustrated with the game because Housemarque forgot how to design levels.

All in all, Returnal is a good game worth the price tag. If you ignore the RNG trash and the story being fragmented into hidden rng scout logs, this game is really good. Also, I think the people saying that this game is super difficult is a bit exaggerated. Even a baboon without hands can finish the game with no issues.

Score: 8/10


I still don’t get why you care about platinum enough to waste 35 hours and not have fun.


The kids will be so proud :smiley:

Who said I did not have fun? I’m even playing the game right now after getting platinum and I just love shooting stuff and leveling up the weapons. I’m just complaining that the RNG in games is just garbage and should not exist in any game, especially in Returnal.

You can’t have that game without RNG it’s a rouge like! It’s built on RNG haha

But I agree RNG for story info is silly

As far as I remember, Returnal is the only game who hid the story progression items and world behind RNG. Also, I don’t remember any souls games who are completely built on RNG. Items like buffs and weapons, maybe but the entire world and story? I don’t think so.

I beat this game! It was reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally fun to play. The gameplay was tight and just non stop fun action pew pew. Great sound, graphics, music, etc. The story was weird and I am still not sure what the heck happened. My only serious beef was the same one a lot of people had. No checkpoints at all meant I couldn’t play it sometimes because I knew I would want to play other games. Turning the game off counts as death, so bleh. That and the story being meh are my only complaints. In terms of being a game, it was a great one. 8-9/10 for me.


Finally trying this out while I got Premo-premium +. It’s fun. I don’t wanna judge it too early but my 5 or 6 runs have felt very staged so far and not random enough. First run of course was a tutorial but I still don’t feel much freedom yet. But obviously way way early. My big takeaway is the Dualsense usage. Love the feedback/haptics and the dual stage L2. I’m a bit of a controller nerd so the little things like that get me excited.

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If you have a 3D headset, put that shit on and enjoy the sounds. The sound engine in returnal is insane.

Also, first biome is nothing but a tutorial which is more or less linear. Second biome is way more branched and bigger with one of the hardest bosses in the game. Last biome will test your skills but the boss is relatively easy. Have fun!


Got the credit roll. Really wasn’t into it at first and had quite a few lazy deaths because I couldn’t git gud. Probably took 7 or 8 tries to beat boss 1 with a ton of deaths in between. Then beat boss 2 the 3rd time I got to it… And then beat the entire game on that run. Game is a lot more fun when you can do everything. But also got super easy once I got that good roll. Dunno if it was super luck or if the game gives you the luck based on how many runs you’ve died on. But it was kinda weird to beat all of that in one run after not being able to get anywhere for 20 something runs prior. I feel like I barely experienced the other zones. Oh well.

Really cool controller stuff, good sounds, and some pretty colors.


Watch a video for the second ending :wink:

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