RGB RAMs - Does it really necessary?


ButtStallion nope … but people like to have Christmas tree in form of PC xD …

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ButtStallion and that Linus IT noob guy is obsessed with LED … from LED on RAM /MBO up to illuminated baseball caps … wondering what is next, maybe special toilet with RGB LED lighting …

Mark2K77 You do know they already have RGB LED lights for toilets ya? LOL well, they do!

I am not a fan of Linus at all but I do like RGB lighting. It’s fun to play with to show the product off and nice to be able to change colour schemes across components depending on time of year.

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LetsGetIt1220 they are fun and it is interesting to see them in a single device, or if we are talking about regular UV or RGB led controllable strip … But to incorporate them on everything, is pure overkill.

*What is pissing me off … Recently new product was PSU with white led, then some idiot was thinking that good idea is to put RGB led on PSU … then RGB fans wit or with out controller … MBO with led lightning … then soon connector for LED strip on MBO, then next best new thing was mouse pad with RGB led (not to mention keyboard and mouse) … then baseball cap xD … then USB coffee mug with guess what … so we are at point where this becomes nuisance and I become a hater … And new trend in gaming industry is put damn thing on everything (shithole included xD). And marketing has a tendency to call RGB luminescent thing “GAMING” and ask shitload of $$, and of course some people call that PC modding :slight_smile: … I call that thing Christmas tree effect and bullshit … I hope that this is passing trend simply because in addition to the rising price of device or gadget, LED lighting does not have some great functionality, except aesthetics.

The more parts there are, the more parts can fail … :wink:


I like RGB for the ability to choose a single colour. So then I can change to new aesthetic should the mood embrace me. But the Rainbow Bloom vomit that seems to be be around is awful in my opinion. Also the premium involved in choosing RGB isn’t worth the entry fee for me. I can choose a theme & stick with it.