RIP my phone

While out hunting Pokemon today, my wife punched my phone out of my hands (she has what I call “Gorilla Hands”). Screen is cracked, but luckily the touchscreen still works. Yay insurance?

Gorilla glass for Gorilla hands. I’ve learned my lesson. :smiley:

Zmajuga I am glad that the phone still works. I think the deductible on the insurance is only $75 at least…


My wife managed do break glass on her 2 phones, then I bought her one with gorilla glass. Now she can drop it whenever she wants. XD

I dont even own a cellphone saves me bunch of monies XD


ArsonSami Good for you. I’d do the same if not for work. But then Pokemon are incoming so… XD

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Hahahahahaha she isn’t content breaking her own phones anymore?

ShiftySatchmo I told her if she breaks her phone she gets a flip phone next.

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teh_g you should take hers for breaking yours

ShiftySatchmo Hers isn’t as nice as mine. I have the insurance on it from Google, so it was only $79 for a new phone. Luckily the digitizer still works, so the phone is fine beyond being cracked. I’m more worried about cutting myself on the glass…

teh_g it hinders your pokemon catching

teh_g said in /404:

my wife punched my phone out of my hands (she has what I call “Gorilla Hands”).?

You married Hot Donna?

Sir_diealot Basically.

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teh_g said in RIP my phone:

Sir_diealot Basically.

I was afraid you would not get the reference.

Sir_diealot :wink:

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