My Fury X has been slowly dying with some artifacting, etc. It finally started causing BSODs, so I had to bite the bullet and get a new card. Luckily cards have come back down to MSRP ranges… I went with the ASUS RX Vega 64.


Was your Fury X water or air cooled?

It was water cooled.

It’s funny that’s your second one, right? Meanwhile my launch one is going strong knock on wood

I blame XFX.

Always buy ASUS

I did this time.

The card I had before my Fury X was an XFX and I had no issues. My Fury X is a Sapphire and it’s been stellar

I’ve had so many issues with XFX. Their return process is awful too.

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I was gonna say, I have two reference fury x cards (I think they’re reference anyway) and I’ve not had a single problem other than they’re not as good as a 1080ti. So they’re sitting doing nothing right now. Could have hooked you up a replacement if you didn’t already go for the vega.

Thanks for the offer! I feel slightly OK with buying the Vega 64. I think the quick comparison was 30-40% higher performance over the Fury X. I will miss how nice and quiet the Fury X is though.

I thought the vega 64 also came stock with water cooling?

They are air cooled. I think there was a special edition at launch that had an AIO cooler. This is the one I went with:

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Maybe you’ll find an after market water solution for a decent price…

I’ll look around a bit to see. Maybe it won’t be too loud :stuck_out_tongue:

My fury x is a Gigabyte. All fury x are reference, but some manufacturers suck at manufacturing I guess.

I won the same one :smiley: . So far I’m really satisfied with the performance. Temps never goes up above 76-77C even under heavy load. My old 290x was reaching 90-93C. :slight_smile: It can be loud under heavy load but since I’m using headphones it doesn’t bothers me.

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In that case, I dunno what manufacturer mine are.