Did I say sexy? Sexy!


Finally we can graduate you out of potato camp XD


AMD? So you dont want to game I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


Ryzen is better per $.
My threadripper 1900x + 1080ti aren’t having problems.


I didnt even have a potatooooo


Ryzen is just better. I’m getting 2700x, so I should be fine getting that juicy frame rate we’re all talking about


I thought you were stuck on ps4 until you could build a new pc?


That’s not potato. Its ketchup, damn it.


Gigabyte is always a solid choice


Always had their motherboards. I love it.


You said Asus is the best m8…jk now build it and join 4k 144fps master race with RTX on


crys in the back with the fx 8320 :stuck_out_tongue: grats man


I’d rather impale myself with a dildo than say anything good about asus.


In your honor, my next build will use Gigabyte GPU & MOBO :stuck_out_tongue:


In my honour, you should give every build you have to me


Nah, thats going a little to far. I can only honour someone so much. Of course, if you rather I can use ASUS. :wink:




Shh you will wake the Zombie, and he might be made of ASUS parts :stuck_out_tongue:


@Katsuo yeah, I’m still alive, no idea how.


Probably because you’re breathing