And it’s only $200 with a game! If you’re a real gamer you know



That keyboard is a beast I bought myself the same one replacing my old mechanical one made in 1995 kekekek


I like the 810 more … I don’t like the G-Keys around the normal keyboard. But the Romer-Switches are nice and yeah the keyboard is nice too :wink:


I like the g810 more too because it’s not bulky. But its twice the price of a g910 so I decided to go with g910 and I’m super satisfied.


Really is it? Wow didn’t knew that xD


Well duh. I paid for the g910 82e. The g810 is 159e lol


I should visit you i sold my phone and bought the keyboard for 180 euros kek


To visit me, you’ll need to sell your kidney. The entrance here ain’t cheap xD


You get one euro and panties 10 pairs for 3 bams kek


Rejected. Already have pants for every day including Sunday. :clown_face:


Sunday is nude day or get your balls out day duuuh


Fancy! I’ve got my G610 that I love dearly. It has nothing fancy on it, but the switches are real nice.



I know how it looks undressed xD


Tried to upload the pic but got a message that the page cant handle the amount of sexiness.



What was the actual message? I can try and fix it. It might have been the size of the image or something.


It was a joke. I’m just too lazy to upload pics xD