Shadowbringers E3!


Preordered shadowbringers. I’m ready for ititititi

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I pre ordered it as well, that end of tha trailer omg I knew it! It confirmed my theory I have had for awhile

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So far loving this expansion, the changes made to some classes are rather interesting and loving DK all over again. lol

Pretty good reviews so far.

It is fun so far!

Omg spoilers


Spoiler: I am over half way from 79 to 80 as a Dark Knight

I’m googling how to ban people on GX

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Thats easy, pay Shifty $1000 dollars and he will ban the_g for you :wink:

I bought him games that are worth more than $1000. Hopefully that counts.


So anyone finished the story? I’m not even close to Stormblood content :cry:

I have and I finished the first set of eden… GREAT Story for SHB!

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Good to hear. Heard some good stuff about Shadowbringers from other players too. Can’t wait to get to itttt

Lets just say it smokes Stormblood by far!

And Heavensward? Also, is Eden the new raid? When’s the Nier raid thing coming out?

Heavensward is was great, but Shadowbringers is like Heavensward on Crack. Eden is the new Raid yes, I believe Neir is coming in patch 5.2 or 5.3. I can’t wait to tank it! I tanked Eden Normal and it was fun!

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So you play tank only or other roles too? I’m kinda scared to tank in any MMORPG. Don’t know why lol

I play different rolls but I normally max my tank out first, I went with PLD from ARR to Stormblood first. Stormblood was hell on me for PLD… Shadowbringers I swaped to Dark Knight and found it was x10 better on my anxiety. My current ingame wife is a great healer compared the Dragoon/Bard I use to be married to ingame.

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