ShiftySatchmo is just too nice of a person to be real

Thanks Andrew aka ShiftySatchmo i think now even or what now… because first Humble Bundle did not even show me what have generously been gifted by you, but hey you also made me wait for an email for 2 minutes … and please i beg you, stop reading my wishlist … now i probably have to play with Samy and Katsuo and will look like a noob …

Walruswitalys will show you the ways. Katsuo hates the game hahaha. He has some problem though where he needs achievements.

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shiftysatchmo Let me guess there is a hidden Achievement called “play with a bloody noob” that Katsuo still needs to get XD

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I got tired of it after so many hours but if you want I can show you some magical skills later on :smiley: now too busy with Warhammer :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah no need i might have somebody who can show me the game and does not embarrass me too much :wink:

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meh :8ball: