ShiftySatchmo - November Gamer Challenge

Oh man, I’ll beat at least two games this month.

Finished Sonic Mania on Switch. Have you played 2D Sonic games? This is one of those. It takes some of the best levels from the various games and remixes them a bit. More bosses and such. There are 4 new zones tooooo.

Anyway, it is one of the best Sonic games ever. Probably just under part 2. If you like 2D Sonic at all it’s a no brainer. I liked it on Switch because handheld yayyyy. Anyway, Sonic 2 is still the best one so this gets a 9/10.

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Just wanted to put this here .

EDIT: Done.


katsuo get that 3D trash out of here!


shiftysatchmo What did I miss?

syncrosis me

syncrosis you missed 3D trash! Milisav posted a link to Sonic Forces and then edited it away haha.

shiftysatchmo I was going to say, Sonic Adventure was awesome…

Finished The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. I wasn’t expecting too much after the somewhat disappointing Michonne game, but this one was actually pretty solid. Sure it had the usual glitchy graphics and super tropey walking dead story (people suddenly getting shot mid conversation; small nice group meets larger mean group and conflict ensues), but I like the main character a lot and I like how Clem changed a bit. It was a solid story overall with some classic tough choices and tense sections. I am a sucker for backstory sections to flesh out story and characters, and this had plenty of those sections. A special thanks to PeaceLeon for getting this for me quite a while ago!

On our scale I’d say 7 — Great, noticeably above average. I liked it at least as much as season 2.

Some fun glitches and holes to point out:

  • The main guy’s backpack went crazy for a while and was shooting out in spikes everywhere.

  • A guy who died was suddenly walking around on screen for a few seconds way after he died. Perhaps a glimpse at what may have been had I chosen differently.

  • I told a character that he should leave if that’s what he thinks is best in a flashback, and then in “present day” he said I convinced him to stay.

  • I told characters the truth about what happened to a guy, and then way later someone else told them and they acted like it was new information and got pissed at me.


shiftysatchmo lol you convinced him to stay by telling him to leave… reverse psychology??

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Finished Cuphead on “normal”. Do you enjoy 2D shooters like Alien Hominid or some such? Do you enjoy boss fights? Do you enjoy raaaaage?! Then play this game. It was very well done. Easily an all-time favorite of mine for this genre. 9/10. I would have given 10/10 but I ran into a few glitches and things so it ain’t perfect. Also, what they say about the random things screwing you over sometimes is certainly true. ANYWAY, thanks Katsuo for getting this for me <3


shiftysatchmo get a life xD

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