ShiftySatchmo's Giveaway Libraryyyy


I will take The Pillars of the Earth because I really outdid myself this year finishing games I need new ones in 2019. And I already called dibs on it :smiley:


Dude the fall from a house and head trauma i had changed me id take all of them if I actually had time to play :rofl:


Little Nightmares is gone! I blame people


@MyLifeForAiur has LOTF on his wish list. Want it? Actually a lot of these are on your list. Take sommmme


Takeee all the games Oprah Winfrey bee meme goes here


Yeah I saw the updated games list this morning. Lords of the fallen and project cars 2. Lots of good games your offering up. I am however going to have to respectfully decline You already gifted me the surge recently and I already don’t have enough time in the day to get through the games I’m already trying to get through.


Lame excuse


What can I say. I’m a lame kinda guy. :sunglasses:


Canadian nicest


Man, @ShiftySatchmo, your games stink. No wonder no one want em. :pig2:


You’ve taken like 6


Aren’t we all though?


Thank you for the compliment my friend.

I’m sure most of us are. Not people like @Katsuo though. He is incredibly cool. Like a late 80s MTV host.


Awesome games ShiftySatchmo but i dont have too much time to play nowadays, that sucks lol


@Katsuo does in fact identify as Kurt Loder


Added Yakuza 0 and The Division. Probably more later.


I’m really thinking to buy lords of the fallen or take it from you but I’m not sure if I’ll get disappointed because I spoke with mili long time ago and he said it’s bad


I mean it’s just rotting here so you playing it and hating it is better than no one playing it


I be offended if you say anything good about the game. Hell I’m offended just by mentioning the name of that pile of crap. #offended4ever


And I will be offended because your offended! So it will start a chain reaction!