Shit internet in Canada might be getting better?

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Well the CRTC declared broadband internet a basic service here in Canada. They want speeds of 50Mbits down and 10Mbits up to be readily available to everyone here in Canada. Currently I have a 2Mbit connection in the rural area I live in and it’s the fastest possible speed I can get without a data stick which usually come with horrendous data limits. They also talk about no data limit on fixed broadband services. Sadly its still years away from being a reality and also billions of dollars away.

It’s the data caps I want to see go away. My speeds are fine where I am.

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gord0 Yeah I’m most excited about that as well. My internet is complete shit but the only faster options I have aren’t practical for me because of data caps. There all extremely low out here like 50GBs a month. Hell GTA V would take over a month to download if I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going over my data limit.

I will just sit here with my 150/150 unlimited, and not say anything to annoy those in the East. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ub6 you, yes you, on behalf of all those with data caps we hate you! Haha


Well my home internet has no cap, I want the data cap to come off my phone plan.