Skylanders Trap Team

So my nephew wants these Skylanders Trap Team things for the Xbox 360 (Birthday gift) but I know very little about these toys. Are there ones that are considered really strong? I found these 3 packs but I don’t think they are part of the Trap Team that he wants, could somebody advise me please? Thank you.

sir_diealot I have no idea what these are :smiley:

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teh_g said in Skylanders Trap Team:

sir_diealot I have no idea what these are :smiley:

Well they seem to be out of stock everywhere I search online unless you want little single packs and he wants the 2 triple packs and nobody seems to have them.

My bro used to play with them, and I know basics so…

These are Superchargers, you posted the link for.

You need Trap Team Starter Pack, plus some of the trap masters sold separately.
Some of them pretty expensive.

You need:
Blastermind, Bushwhack, Dark Snap Shot, Dark Wildfire, Enigma, Gearshift, Gusto, Head Rush, Jawbreaker,Kaboom, Krypt King, Legendary Jawbreaker,Lob Star, Short Cut, Snap Shot, Thunderbolt, Tuff Luck, Wallop, Wildfire, Winterfest Lob-Star

Skylanders Trap Team Dark Element Expansion Pack
Skylanders Trap Team Sunscraper Spire Light Element Expansion Pack


zmajuga Thanks bud.