Skyrim Special Edition Screen Shots.

Thought I would show off my Breton Mage I made and give you all some screen shots. Mind you this is kinda low settings cause of the lack of a proper GPU.

Gorkie I’m already suffering from restartitus in the SE. I’m thinking about sword and board light armor adventurer, who is kind of a dabbler in magic. Or going full on Stealth Mage/Thief OR Traditional Stealth Assassin. Two handers are fun builds too… AHHHHH too many options!!!

tat2teel Breton Mage I named her after my Sorcerer from TES:Online.

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I myself am kind of disappointed with the SE, compared to my modded original. I will give it some time for some of the better mods to be transferred over but for now I will stay OE.


Ub6 What got me really excited was the expansion into 64x which will help more mods run nicely together, but yes, as it is now, it’s a bit of a “meh” thing. That isn’t going to stop me from diving back in though. I think it has cloud sync as well.