Small uprgade

Got a new little upgrade here, Transcened 370s MLC NAND SSD. This thing is so tiny, even compared to my elegant hand :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat:.

This is my first SSD, and I’m going to make a dual boot system with Windows 10 Pro and Linux Mint.

First ssd? Oh my, I don’t even watch to touch computers with hdds since I know what the difference is. Mankind’s biggest invent since the wheel :smiley: Enjoy the other dimension :smiley:

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buttstallion Try the WD Black. You’ll be surprised his fast that thing is.

katsuo I have 3 WD Blue 1 TB and they are faster than Black in most cases. When they were a thing. I don’t know about the newer models. Even if the newer models are faster than my older Blues, I will never ever ever ever install OS on a HDD :smiley: Good for my massive Steam library and backups.

Congratulations on the upgrade! When I won a place in the #AMDTestdrive program a few years back it was my first SSD and when I got all the stuff in I thought they had forgotten to put the SSD in it was so small I thought it was something else. That was the first PC I have ever had my hands in and it was all free to keep.

oh man I am so big in this video.

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katsuo That thing is louder than drums in a power metal band.

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buttstallion Still need my HDD for games though, maybe in the future I’ll replace it.

artem said in Small uprgade:

katsuo That thing is louder than drums in a power metal band.

Sorry, A/C was on and I did not realize it until the video had uploaded.

sir_diealot Video’s volume is fine, I meant WD Black, it’s 30 dba loud.

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buttstallion I have 3 SSDs in mine now XD


AMD A3 120gb SSD my self, I want more SSD after finding out how great they are lol.

shiftysatchmo 2 SSD, 3 HDD, 4 external :stuck_out_tongue: Did I win? :smiley:

buttstallion No, you lost… now you must give all them to Shifty and start over :stuck_out_tongue:

Once your OS in your SSD, you cant go back. :slight_smile:

buttstallion I haaaave more than that but no external because who needs those. I have 2 TB of SSD weeeeeeeeeeeee


oh can I play? Please :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside SSDs are brilliant. OS aside the biggest difference I saw was in loading times for Battlefield 4 when I played that. I remember when I had it on a HDD it would take like 2 min and I’d be one of the last in the server, then with SSD was always 1st five and would be in before the match timer started lol.

Congrats on first SSD Artem