(Spoiler Free) Red Dead Redemption 2 Review (sorry for my english)

How early is early for you? Because I did play it for about 4 hours and was bored to death. When does the game start “opening”?

It is a long and slow tutorial, everyone I know who has played it agrees… it made me sad and set a bad tone for the game… then it opens up and it turns into a quality experience. Just gut through it.

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you have to finish till chapter 2

I hope there’s optimization patches before I get to this!

They had a year and some to optimize the game. Do you really think they’ll optimize it now lmao

Maybe, they seem to be following the same monetization path as GTAV and people still play that today.

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Finished it tonight. I 100% got teary eyed. Probably the best story I’ve experienced in a video game.

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Looks like I am not the only one…

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If you take it seriously, yea. If you just go around shooting every civilian and being insane, probably not

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Yeah the ending of that game carries itself so well. The events leading up to the end do a really good job at setting the tone of the ending. That’s about as much as I can say without getting into things that would spoil the ending.

Haha yeah I never thought about that. I was fully invested at that point and was playing into the redemption arc come the end of the game. There would be a pretty big disconnect if I was just going around robbing and murdering people between those final missions.

Looks like you haven’t played Chrono Trigger or any of the Yakuza games. :woman_shrugging:


Yeah, my brother just holds himself up in the blacksmith shop and kills every law man for 2 hours at a time. He’s finally listening and starting to take it seriously. He has a long way to go on his moral meter, so he is actively getting every citizen possible to boost it lol. Now, go play Days Gone. Trust me it’ll help coming off of RDR2

I need to finish the story mode. I made the mistake of jumping to online during Christmas just to make sure to get some of the seasonal stuff, and end up playing that part now when I have the time.

Just get to the point where you’re invested in Arthur and I guarantee you’ll keep playing campaign from then on


@Katsuo I have never played a Yakuza game, in that you are correct. I have played Chrono Trigger, though I am ashamed to admit. I never finished it.

@sYnCroSis I need to go back and finish Breath of the Wild since all I have left is the Ganon fight. After that I will probably start Horizon zero Dawn, that Katsuo so kindly gifted me. Maybe Days Gone after that. I wish I had more time to finish games or games not be so long. What happened to the good old days of 8 hour campaigns.

@Polekatt You totally should. Arthurs story is a great one.


Perhaps not buying a new game until you beat your current game would help.


Yeah, I wish I had more restraint. I’ll be playing something when another game comes out that I was excited for. Then it’s hit or miss for if I ever go back to the first game I was working on. All I end up doing is not finishing good games and wasting money buying games at full price.

Just make a list. The games won’t disappear.

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And they’ll usually get cheaper

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RDR2 is 14.99 new for ps4 :biking_woman: