**SPOILERS** GoT Finale Discussion

Powerful women and a powerful soundtrack made for a powerful episode. Discuss!

I aint in to GOT

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did powerful Green Screen make for powerful special effects?

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  1. Lady Mormont is my hero. I like that everyone respects her even though she’s a kid.

  2. I disliked the lady that Cersei had cuffed to the table, but you know what I dislike more? Rape. Nobody deserves rape…especially not by a semi undead mutant man. At least they didn’t show it?

  3. I will miss the queen. She was witty and pretty.

  4. Kind of predictable episode. I guessed pretty much everything that happened and my wife got mad at me. Still good though!

  5. Bran is stupid and is going to cross the wall next season because he and his buddy somehow already forgot that the brand on his arm allows the whitewalkers to pass dem old magic barriers.

  6. I love you.

  7. Oh yeah, and children with knives is what nightmares are made of…my greatest fear was realized!


tat2teel they know how to green screen better than most movies XD

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ShiftySatchmo So that’s a “yes” I take it :stuck_out_tongue: And I know, I saw some “making of” things and was blown away.


ArsonSami I ain’t into hairy Bosnians, but there’s always an exception

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ShiftySatchmo that sounds so weird mate hahahaha

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ShiftySatchmo hahahaha i really loved this episode and you are right bout brand hahaha he will fuck things up again and this time massiveeeeee hahahahah

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Holy shit! Holy fucking shit!

We finally know John’s actual lineage, not that it was terribly surprising. I was however making fanboy squeals as it happened.

Cercei finally managed to kill off her last child and assumed the throne, Jamie might be the cause of her eventual death.

Arya is close to home (she’ll probably go play assassin first) fanboy intensifies

Danerys is finally sailing to Wesreros with her army of unsullied and dolthraki and dragons.

I’m imagining we get one more season of a bloody and brutal power grab before the king of the night decimates the seven kingdoms.

Finally, and most importantly, I can cancel my hboNow subscription until next year.

Eeeee! I can’t wait to rewatch this lay last season ^^

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i havent ever watched this show guess ill have to binge to fill in

FireWitch Its horrible XD

ArsonSami they say the same about crack, but millions of people can’t be wrong!


demons6i6x ahahahahahhaa

I want to get this game so I am not going to read this thread. I am guessing you are saying it is worth playing then? It would not surprise me, Telltale Games does and incredible job on everything they make.

Sir_diealot haha the showwww

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ShiftySatchmo said in **SPOILERS** GoT Finale Discussion:

Sir_diealot haha the showwww



hahah, I was like, what’s the game got to do with the show? then I realized what he meant. :slight_smile:

I’ve loved this series ever since I read the first book, years and years ago!

As for last nights show, I enjoyed it, thought it was pretty epic! I’m glad to finally see some resolutions of the kind we want. Like Dantyrion heading out, and the resolution of Jon’s lineage. That was my guess all along, about Jon, but cool to finally see it it true!!! Sooo…does this mean Jon and Sansa could hook up and be king and queen? :smiley:

Boo, about Margery. Like you, Shifty, I liked her character, and she was pretty. booooooo!!!

And Arya. Arya is back and gonna throw down!! I think Arya is awesome.

Can’t wait till next season! or the book. whichever comes first. but knowing George, the show will finish the whole thing before he gets the next book written. LOL

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I have only seen a bit of the show, I can’t afford the cable network it is on and the NFL Sunday Ticket at the same time and I have to have my football!

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I hear ya there. Not to get off topic, but I LOVE NFL football, and had Sunday Ticket until I could not afford it any more.

Only way I get to watch Game of Thrones is that my son has the cable network and lets me watch it.