Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy

So this is my next game! Running at max settings 1440p166. A potato could run this, but it does look pretty! That said, it doesn’t recognize dsr which is why I’m rendering at native. Though I did see a workaround on the steam forum that I’m going to try tonight.

So far it’s basically Dragon-Kazooie…so fun! Will post more later.


Mmmmm I actually never got to these games when they first came out, so glad they followed in the steps of the Crash trilogy.

Spyro > anything Kazooie


Now I know you’re silly

Even if it is, it’s the same formula and that’s why it’s fun. At least the first game, I haven’t played the others yet.

I liked Year of the Dragon the most. Ripto’s Rage second and third Spyro the Dragon.

Editing the ini I can get 2016p>60 (dsr 1440p) (usually >70) .

Just beat the first game…didn’t know I was fighting a “boss”. Didn’t know it was the last one. It wasn’t a boss… ok? That said, I’m not finding like 4 crystals I missed to open the last door. Maybe if I was 6 years old and had no income to buy another game.

That said, I’m treating this as three games. I’m going to play a completely different game before I play the second spyro…and the same before the 3rd.

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Wait a minute…you aren’t 6?!

Yeah, I would have been 12/13ish in 1997.

  1. I wasn’t born yet.

Pretty sure you’re in your early 40s.

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Not even in my 30s thank you very much.


Huh, you are right.

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Alright you caught me. In 1997 I was the 7 year old with only a handful of games spending his time collecting all the gems in Spyro.

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Hey @Katsuo can you give me a guide for the second game? The first game is organized. The second is a clusterfuck. I can’t be assed to google how to navigate the piece of shit. Dunno where I’m supposed to go ( to the point of not playing anymore). It’s not a well designed game.

I don’t want a full guide, just one that says where the fuck to go and when.

Ummm I thought the second game was hella linear. You even have a map in the remastered version. Where are you exactly?

That’s not saying much haha. In that area you can go underwater to reach further levels. Did you do that?