Square Enix Publisher Weekend, Up to 75% Off!

Mankind Divided 15 € on Steam, Human Revolution 5 €…just an example :wink: And a good choice :smiley:


You forgot the linkk



Katsuo Silence :smiley:

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ButtStallion That reminded me of this:


Katsuo I knew it :stuck_out_tongue:

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in indian region its 300 rupee jesus !! -_-

DANTE That’s like, 4 bucks? XD

Katsuo yap -_- 0_1487350091119_3090_516619481786371_1946689418_n.jpg

DANTE Then why that emoji? XD
You should be happy that the game is 4 times cheaper than here xD

Katsuo yah no i am not…first of all to me its like its not fair…

and secondly i have money to buy it but my pc cant run it…so yah -_-

DANTE At least try it. Maybe it runs well. Or you can just skip it as the reviews are pretty red all around the game.

Katsuo naah man my pc giving me trouble lately…hell it cant even run dishonored 1…mobo is almost dead…so yah i gotta wait thats i promised myself i aint gonna buy any game till i buy a decent mobo and cpu