SSD space weird issue

So yesterday i did a massive system restore to a point about a month ago. The restore didn’t delete any games/programs i had installed that past month and installed those i had uninstalled in the meantime. So naturally the SSD was filled. I deleted some of the stuff and found out i am missing somehow about 22.3GB! !( Here you can see. All the files on C: are 119.5GB (including system) and free space is 89.2GB, but the total size is 231GB that means 22.3GB are kinda lost or missing. I checked in case there was a small rogue partition, but nothing. Ideas?

I should click images before responding haha. Is your SSD optimized? If you’re on Windows 10 then yes. Are you sure the tool you are using has access to view all of your stuff and some just isn’t being listed?

From how I understand it, sometimes depending on the brand the companies will create small partitions on refurbished SSD’s that where bad sectors and cut then dowm in size to be resold… not sure if this is the case with yours but its possible.