Star Craft II Wings of Liberty?

FREE TO PLAY?! Never thought I would see the day this would happen!

Well, it’s only a tiny part of the campaign haha

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The Original is free and I have been playing it. Love it and probably more likely to buy SCII because of it. Good to see it slowly turning back to a customer focus.

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You get the wings of liberty campaign (around 1 third of the campaign also the hardest third of the campaign). Co-op with all the leaders up to level 5 (Raynor, Kerrigan, and Artanis don’t have a level cap), and unranked/ranked multi-player. You can only play ranked after 10 first match of the day bonuses in unranked. Before also multi-player was separated between the three expansions. Now even with just wings of liberty you still play the legacy of the void multi-player. That’s my favourite feature since it unifies the multi-player experience.

It is a huge chunk of the game for free really especially in my eyes since ranked multi-player is the majority of what I play on it. Hopefully some people on here try it out I’m always down to co-op or 1v1.