Starfield: Official Gameplay Reveal

You will get more enjoyment by drinking $70 worth of bleach than by playing Starfield.

It wasn’t toooooo bad when I started it. But then I got bored and stopped, soo.

Off the list it goes then.

I played it all the way through.

I would agree with the others. It has moments that it is good, I mean, REALLY good. but those moments are overshadowed by the fact that it does get to feeling a bit repetitive and boring. Now, in defense, though, that is exactly how it probably would feel if you were in that situation in reality- Its a great space life simulator. But I don’t think thats what the targeted audience wants. In its current state, I think the game works better as a space life sim.

It is typical Bethesda, also. When people say its Skyrim/Fallout in space, they are not wrong. The gameplay is exactly the same as Skyrim and Fallout, the setting is just different. But… like all Bethesda games, now that they released the creation kit, modders will make it good.

I played it like I play all Bethesda games. I played it through once, and I may or may not play the DLC now, but will wait for the modders to fix everything.

Case in point, I am currently playing the daylights out of Fallout 4, because right now my modded version is way WAY better than the original game. Did the same thing with Skyrim 10 or so years after it released. Give Starfield about 10 years then mod it to your liking and you actually have a really good game then.

Thats my take!

If my money would go to the moders, I might give it a chance. I’m never giving this game a second thought unless microsoft steps in and puts some real devs to work.