Steam Summer Sale 2018

Steam is already down, so it’s started. Mayhem. I don’t know anything about the discounts. Make some screenshots, if you managed to load the store page :smiley:


But the discounts and prices are still bugged and showing the original prices.

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Meeeeeeeeh. I stopped being happy about it when @shiftysatchmo stopped buying games for me.


If the store is back up before I’m out of range I’ll shower you with a golden shower of gifts.


Also you can now open the mystery box from the spring sale.

Also in the minigame choose the GX group to conquer the planet :stuck_out_tongue:

Just returned far cry 5…then bought it again for 25% less. XD


OKAY I GET IT, thanks Steam :smiley:


The first time I looked at this my brain was seeing “Wargasm” lol


To Be honest, these sale prices are no better than any other time of the year. Yeah I am a cheap skate


I never really give a shit if something is on sale or not…except when it goes on sale the day after I bought it. Then I return and rebuy…but either way I was going to buy and the sale is a coincidence.

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Agreed. Ever since the flash sales disappeared, Steam is no longer the cheapest place to buy games. They are pretty much the same every year. Hell, even Playstation is offering better sales on most AAA games than Steam.

I got Boss 101 at 90% off, I had a short chat with the dev while he was making it way back when and never got around to playing it. And then Amazon had a short lived price glitch on BATTLETECH. They marked the ‘digital deluxe’ version of the game at the price Steam had just the DLC on sale for. So I figured why not, I like mechs and I like turn based tactical.

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Damn, Battletech is on my top10 list :frowning: Too late I guess…wait, i dont even have money :smiley: Maybe next year :smiley:

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I want you to know that Steam ruined being nice to people. I was ready to give this to you since the game is really fun and they just patched a ton of stuff. But I get this message:


:frowning: :frowning: 1 dollar is no longer equal 1 euro? :smiley: I appreciate the thought, but my library is already way too big, i need to finish games even faster before I buy another or accept a gift :stuck_out_tongue:


Summer sale is every day on cdkeys

Dont support grey and black markets. Also no refund option.

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They are legit. They are like humble bundle when it comes to selling keys. Not sure about the refund tho

Agree except for the call of duties of the world, the battlefields, the titan falls, etc. I just want the sp and I won’t pay more than $20-$30 cad for them due to short length. Plus those publishers are so shady they can eat my grey market dick.


Instead of the Steam Sale, I found something way more awesome and I had to buy it. 8 games for 3,69 euros and several of them was on my wishlist. I am done buying until the winter sale :smiley: