Steam / Valve news


Game Skara is also a crypto trash. Luckily everyone abandoned it and I doubt anyone is playing that trash. It was also on Steam. Not sure if it is now.


Finally, some good news. They were the best


Flash sales, more like…Trash sales kek


No biggie to me. If I’m going to buy a game, I’m going to buy a game. If there’s a sale, so be it.


I love the flash sales, happy to see them back!

what I hate is websites like that one linked, that won’t let you read it unless you turn off adblocker. So I don’t know what the actual article said.


Another one. This is becoming the new jankware.


The solution: Stop these crappy games from publishing on Steam, hundreds of these achievement hunter shits appears every day and nobody cares about it except 0,0001% of Steam users. There is no manpower to scan every shitty game like this, installing it on a separate pc, watching processes etc.


Don’t need man power for a virus scan…but yes quality control would be nice.


Man Power no… but HE-MAN power… we all need He-Man


I don’t think human QC would take much effort for valve. Because they can still automate saying no to infected games. Then for a single human, it would only take watching 4 seconds of the trailer to say no to asset flips and achievement hunters. Everything left over would most likely be legit games.


Even the games are more legit than the ones from Steam. Disgusting, despicable and disappointing. I call it… the DDD situation



If I click this, will it explain why you posted it in steam/valve news?


Nah just read the preview for that. My response to Mili’s DDD


I never heard of that game but I need Valve to remake that game for next gen Steam indie client.


It was very dark and scary at the time


@Katsuo wants the D.




I’m too tired for reading beyond 1 paragraph. I’ll let youtubers tell me about this.